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Shrink Wrap

Easily shrink wrap your products in manufacturing and production. Ideal for food, candy, cookies, soap, candles, gift baskets, DVDs, CDs and more. TC Bag and Label can supply many sizes of shrink wrap film and the equipment needed to efficiently protect your merchandise.

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Shrink wrap minimizes spoilage and damage during shipping and handling, while increasing the visual appeal of your retail products. We can help with:

  • Shrink Wrap Tools
  • Shrink Wrap Cutters
  • Shrink Wrap Equipment
  • Heat Wrap Guns
  • Shrink Wrap Film Rolls
  • Shrink Wrap Tubing
  • Shrink Wrap Film Bags
  • PVC Film
  • Polyolefin Film
  • Custom Shrink Bags
  • Tamper-Evident Bands/Preforms
  • Shrink Labels
  • Multi-Pack Twin Cut Bands

Shrink wrap, a plastic film used in packaging that shrinks when heated, is used in manufacturing and shipping. Shrink wrap can stabilize products and help keep them intact during transportation. It also can provide tamper resistance in retail or warehouse applications. Need to order shrink wrap material or related equipment? Atlanta-based TC Bag & Label can help!

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